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North Luffenham

In the village of North Luffenham. Old building in North Luffenham. Gateway in North Luffenham. St John the Baptist Church in North Luffenham. The altar in North Luffenham Church. War memorial. The aisle in North Luffenham. War Graves in North Luffenham. North Luffenham village.

World War I Memorial

Surnames - Adams, Alfin, Boothby, Killips, Kirby, Liddamore, Morby, Saddington, Smith, Steele, Storey, Thornton


A family whose history is entwined with others named Carrington.  

Ann SCOTNEY,  1701

Charles SCOTNEY,   1707

Deborah SCOTNEY,   1704

Edward SCOTNEY,   1684

Edward SCOTNEY,   1695

Elizabeth SCOTNEY,   1703

John SCOTNEY,   1693

Mary SCOTNEY,   1698

Sarah SCOTNEY,   1687

William SCOTNEY,   1696

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The parish and village named North Luffenham lies about seven miles west of Stamford.

Born in this parish:

Mary Ann TAYLOR,   1860

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